Eating Less Meat For Completely Selfish Reasons

If we must be technical: when I say "vegetarian" here I mean "ovo-lacto-vegetarian", a.k.a. everything goes except body parts.The fleshly transgressions are inevitably for getting Asian food with my Asian-American friends, which I have not come to a resolution on yet because the literally killer combo of cultural connection and delicious nostalgia seems to be great at overriding my capability to say no to things. The non-fleshly vegan transgressions are mostly cheese.
When I first found out about factory farming, I naively thought it was an exception, exaggerated for propaganda — because how could we as a species possibly normalize such callous conditions for pure profit? It wasn’t until stumbling across Eating Animals (Jonathan Safran Foer) while hanging out in a living room that I was exposed to hard stats about the factory farming conditions that the vast majority of animals raised for meat are subjected to. I knew I had to overcome my activation energy.

My selfish reasons to eat less meat

for gratuitous aesthetic purposes, here is a pastiche of autumn/winter fruits, featuring the one true fruit I salivate in anticipation of until mid-November each year, persimmons. (try fuyu persimmons first; hachiya persimmons are optimized for baking.)
roasted cauliflower via how to roast fall & winter vegetables | the food lab
roasted carrots with black sesame dressing might be my favorite easy vegetable right now

Hot tips

crash hot potatoes | pioneer woman
Salt Fat Acid Heat (Samin Nosrat)
diagram by daiyi on the simplicity of going vegetarian —the vegetarian foodspace is more similar to the omnivorous foodspace than you might think, the only difference is literal flesh & bone
how to use red chard | julie yoon
japanese sweet potatoes with a bit of salt and butter are a truly luscious, chestnutty, hearty miracle for any occasion, be it snacks, meals, or potlucks. photo via bonappetit
pile of tasty tropical fruit via Honolulu Magazine



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