First Steps In Repairing An Urban Dweller’s Relationship With The Earth

herb garden expanding upward in our small urban lightwell. (shiso defies physics. how does that tiny little root system supply so much plant?? I don’t understand.)

Growing culinary herbs from seed demands only a little water, sun, and soil, and a little of your time. In return, it gives you so much.

I’ve had many houseplants before, but there is something weirdly special about growing a plant that you eat.

Obligatory hot tips

Your local gardening store should have seeds, although I get fresher and more unusual seeds (like shiso and lemongrass) from Etsy.


Appreciation for Sowing Seeds in the Desert by Masanobu Fukuoka, which first introduced me to concepts about interdependent polycropping and picking plants to sustainably suit the landscape rather than shaping the landscape to fit the plants, and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (which I stayed up too late reading last night), which expounded on those frameworks with a heaping offering of indigenous & scientific insight, and gave me some words and concepts to describe the feelings I get from plant interdependence.



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