@rhetoricize Table Of Contents

Productivity, fulfillment, & mindfulness

Being Deliberate About Your Pants And Power Tools: Material Awareness For The Lifestyle Maximalist

First Steps In Repairing An Urban Dweller’s Relationship With The Earth

Mindfulness for Skeptical Nerds

Tidying Your Digital Life

How To Stay On Top Of Your Shit As A Flawed Human

Find Time For Yourself And People You Love By Making Your Devices Deeply Unengaging

Do The Thing: How to be unreasonably productive at hobbies


Making Your Best Camera The One In Your Hand

fire photography part II: technique (non-flash portraiture)

fire photography part I: equipment

Assorted learnings

The Five Stages of Bread Effort

Spin Away Your Self-Quarantine Blues With Flow Arts

DIY Fabric Dyeing Infodump

Eating Less Meat For Completely Selfish Reasons

Learning to Read & Write Kana in Two Weeks

hows and whys of rainbow hair coloration

autotelic polymath with an overwhelming compulsion to reverse engineer things I’ve never tried before

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